Công ty TNHH Tự động hóa Hàng hải T.V.T Phiên bản Odoo 12.0+e

Thông tin về Công ty TNHH Tự động hóa Hàng hải T.V.T instance of Odoo, the ERP Mã nguồn mở.

Cài ứng dụng

Leads, Opportunities, Activities
Website Builder
Build Your Enterprise Website
Projects, Tasks
Send Invoices and Track Payments
Quản lý Bán
Báo giá, Đơn hàng, Hoá đơn
Accounting and Finance
Financial and Analytic Accounting
Sticky notes, Collaborative, Memos
Thương mại điện tử
Bán sản phẩm trực tuyến
Purchase Management
Purchase Orders, Receipts, Vendor Bills
Employee Directory
Jobs, Departments, Employees Details
Recruitment Process
Jobs, Recruitment, Applications, Job Interviews
Expense Tracker
Expenses Validation, Invoicing
Create your custom dashboard
Contacts Directory
Customers, Vendors, Partners,...
Leave Management
Holidays, Allocation and Leave Requests
Discussions, Mailing Lists, News
TO Accounting Business Intelligence
Dynamic accounting analysis
Git Management
Integrate Git and Odoo
HR Advanced
Provide advanced and must-have features to improve HRM in real world.
HR Payroll Contribution
Manage contribution by company and employee to third parties. E.g. insurance, labor union fee, etc.
HR Recruitment Requests
Allow Department Managers to request for new employee recruitment
Loan Management
Manage your company loans
Odoo Apps Management
Manage Odoo apps / modules. Generate apps from a git branch
Odoo SaaS
Manage Odoo SaaS
PostgreSQL Server Management
Manage postgresql server
Product Licenses Management
Manage licenses of your products
Server Management
Manage various servers of your company
Deposit to eWallet of Commercial Partner
Website Documentation Management
Documentation Management System for Odoo Websites
Website Live Support
Chat With Your Website Visitors
Create surveys, collect answers and print statistics
Email Marketing
Thiết kế, gửi và theo dõi email
Personal & Shared Calendar
Tin tức, Blogs, Thông báo, Thảo luận
Online Jobs
Job Descriptions And Application Forms
Share and Publish Videos, Presentations and Documents
Diễn đàn
Diễn đàn, Câu hỏi thường gặp, Hỏi&Đáp
Website Live Chat
Website Live Chat with Visitors/Customers