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Manage licenses of your products

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This application allows you to define product licenses and assign one or more license to a product

Key Features

  1. Manage Licenses
    • You can define multiple licenses each may have multiple versions. For example, LGPL v1, LGPL v3, AGPL v3, etc
    • You can define a short name (abbreviation) for a license
    • Automatic showing first realease date and latest release date
  2. Store different content for different versions of the license
  3. Assign Different License Versions to a product
  4. Filter products by license
  5. Filter products by license version
  6. Multilingual support so that you can translate the license content into as many languages as you may wish
  7. Default data comes with the following licenses for your quick start
    • GPL v3
    • AGPL v3
    • LGPL v3
    • OPL-1
  8. Ready for other apps to integrate

Editions Supported

  1. Community Edition
  2. Enterprise Edition