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Calculate Driver's wage on job/trip basis

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This application and its dependencies extends Odoo's functionality to allow to calculate fleet drivers wage on trips basis

Master Data

  1. Job Wage Definition

    Each job wage definition consists of the following information

    • Route: the geo-route applied
    • Vehicle: the vehicle applied
    • Allowance: the amount credited to the driver for each trip of the route and vehicle mentioned above
    • Fleet Service Type: the service type for Fleet cost integration.
  2. Fleet Fuel Price

    To log fuel price history which consists of the following information

    • Price
    • Date: the date from which the price comes into effective

Payroll Integration

  1. Open a new payslip
  2. Specify employee and payslip period
  3. Odoo will count number of trips that have been done by the corresponding driver
  4. Issue job wage calculation based on the definitions of Job Wage and number of done trips

Editions Supported

  1. Community Edition
  2. Enterprise Edition