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Convert a PoS Order to a Sales Quotation at PoS screen

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What it does

This application allows you to convert a PoS Order (in Point of Sales application) to a Sales Quotation (in Sales Management application) right from PoS screen without going to Sales Management application

  1. Convert PoS Order to Sales Quotation with all the data reserved (e.g. product, quantity, pricelist, unit price, customer, taxes, etc)

  2. Transfer the sales to another store/warehouse: Choose different Warehouse/Store during conversion in case you want to transfer the sales to another store or delivery the goods from a warehouse other than yours

  3. Keep track of all the sales order that came from PoS

  4. Sales Report in Sales Management application now includes
    • PoS Session
    • Point of Sales
    • PoS Session Responsible

Use Cases

  1. Customer wants to get quote instead of buying immediately at your shop/store
  2. You sell your goods and services both at Point of Sales and to B2B customers
  3. Customers want to buy something that is not available in your store. Then you want to transfer the sales to another store

Editions Supported

  1. Community Edition
  2. Enterprise Edition