• The TVTMA Team is proud to announce the stable release of Bootstrap Megamenu version 1.3.0 which was added with several new features and all known bugs killed. Before you carry out your upgrade to this version, there is something new and special you may want to know.

  • TO Website Mega Menu is a menu system that replaces the default simple-dropdown Odoo's menu system with a powerful multi-column mega menu. With TO Website Mega Menu, the site owner is provided with ability to present menu items in multi-column style, full-width menu container, multi-row with each contains a number of columns pre-specified, etc

    Product Highlights

    Smart, Flexible and Powerful

    Multi-column dropdown menus, full-width dropdown or predefined width which is at the site owner's choice; Max columns per row settings; CSS class(es) to specify icon for each menu item, etc

    Odoo's New API

    Improve run-time performance with new Odoo API where applicable. This also gives the module better compatibility with future releases of Odoo.

    Simple and Easy to Use

    Building mega menu is made simple using the native tree structure. Every menu item level 2 having children will display as a mega column header. Menu items level 3 will display in the corresponding column content

    Multilingual Support

    Building megamenu on your Odoo-based website with multi-language support to target multiple market segments with different languages in minutes.

    Super Light Weight

    NO addition Javascript, less than 1KB additional CSS.

    Mobile and Responsive design

    Utilizing from the built-in Bootstrap framework to bring the extension a beautiful look while keeping mobile ready. All the major browsers and popular mobile devices are fully supported.

    Screen Shots

    Front-end screen shot

    odoo bootstrap megamenu

    Front-end Settings screen shot

    odoo megamenu frontend settings

    Backend Settings screen shot

    odoo megamenu backend settings