Joomla Extensions Development

  • T-Download Store implements the Joomla standard category system to ensure seemless Joomla integration. This works not only remove any compatibility issue may happen but also utilize from future Joomla's improvement and keep us from zero maintenance to focus on other key features of the extension we make.

    Addition to the above, we add our own innovation into the management which allow users to create a category wherever needed. I.e. When you are on the product edit page to create a new product or edit an existing one, you can create as many categories as you need right here on the product edit page. If you have been using the built-in Joomla content system, you must (I guess) be annoyed sometimes when you are on a midle of creating your content and suddenly realize that you have not created a category for it yet. What would you do? Of course you should have to copy all the content and settings, then go to category manager just to create a category before going back to you under-progress creation works to paste back the content and setting that you had copied.

    T-Download Store nerver annoys you that way. It provides you an innovation and super easy way to work. See video below to find how you will get convenient with our extension:

    If you have a question, please feel free to post it in our support forum.

  • There is no Joomla extension that fits all of your business needs. Let our experience team help you build one that not only fits your business specific nature but also adapts to your future growth!