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  • Upon an event, you would want to say thanks to your customers who keep you alive, or you just want to promote your products to boost your sales. What would you do?

  • T-Download Store allows multiple currencies to be managed and used. When you creating a new subscription plan, you can select a currency to be used. Subscribers who subscribe to the plan will have to pay in the currency specified in the plan. This is very useful when you sell your downloadable product to multiple customers in multiple countries.

  • File type in T-Download store is a term referring to the type of a file being attaching to a product. A file type can be either a document, software, video, e-book or whatever you want which can be created by the following procedure:

    • Login to administration area
    • Navigate to Components -> T-Download Store
    • Click on Miscellaneous menu on the left side bar to find "File Type Manager".
    • After opening File Type Manager window, you can click on the green New button to start creating your first file type by filling information as below:
    • creating new file type tdownloadstore

    Currently, File types will be use for file and product information only. A product detail page looks like as below when it is attached with two files, one is of Module file type, another one is of Plugin file type

    how a file type looked on product page

  • Platform is a term used in T-Download Store to specify the dependency of a file. The term is specialized for sites that offer software (like our site) which usually require to show compatibility information. For example, we offer products as either Joomla extensions or OpenERP module and we want to show our users which platform (either Joomla or OpenERP) to be required for the corresponding product. Sometimes, sites that offer ebooks in several formats can specify what software required to open the ebook. Just give you a few cases about using this feature.

  • Platform Version is a term to be used in conjunction with Platform in T-Download Store. Being similar to the Platform term, it is usually used for sites that offer products like software or whatever requires to present product's compatibility/dependency information.

  • When you offer a product, you usually grant some rights to the product users by licensing. T-Download Store offers an effective way for you (as provider) to license the users who download your licensed product. The download user will be required to accept/agree with the product license before she/he can download the product.

  • The TVTMA Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of T-Bootstrap Mega Menu version 1.2.0 which has been added several of new features and removed some known bugs reported by the users.