Joomla Optimization Service

Joomla Optimization & Performance Boost Service!

Once you have your Joomla site up and running, you should consider optimizing it to streamline the experience to your end users. Let our experience service team help you.

How your Joomla site will be after optimization?

After our optimization service, your website will be loaded faster, bring better user experience, get higher ranked in search engines's result, consume less server resource to save your money. Here is what we expect to do with your Joomla site


Server optimization

Many troubles comes from bad configuration at server side. Let our experience engineers to help you find out the problems and fix them, then!

Code Optimization

Bad PHP code also bring bad performance to your side and consume more resource of the server(s). Our team can invest into your code to replace bad pieces with new better ones. We also do consolidation on the code to remove potential bugs.


Bugs Hunting

With our deep experience archived from our long life with Joomla, we have very sharp eyes to find not only existing bugs and potential bugs but also deprecated pieces of code which may raise errors in the future.

Static files Optimization

Static files including Javascript, CSS, and images which are not optimized will increase the number of bytes sent over the network costing you more bandwidth. Those not only increase request overhead but also increase downloading, parsing and execution time

Database Optimization

Database engine not optimized may not utilize your hardware power and cause long query. Bad database query also results in long respond. We can look into the database and monitor them to see what could be optimized and what query can be optimized.


Content Delivery Network (CDN)

On your demands, we can develop an extension that suites to your specific site to help get your website utilized from cloud and CDN advantages to speed up page downloading for your global users to bring better users experience

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