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 18 June 2015
1.1.10 (Last update on 20 May 2017)
OpenERP / Odoo Modules

TO Tours & Travels Management Module for Odoo is a perfect solution for small and medium as well as large tour & travel enterprises having been developing on top of Odoo to cover all management needs.

Product Highlights

Flexible Product Models

Supporting multiple product and service models (i.e. Tours, Tour Variants, Flights, Hotels, Transports, etc) to allow you to sell and manage more effectively and easier than ever.

Tour Designing & Building Tool

Planning and Designing and building up your tours get easier. All those tour programs / itinerary, hotel, transportation, gifts and other inclusion for your customers, etc could be planned ank link to a tour and tour date.

Hotel Booking Management

Multiple hotel specific configurations (hotel class, hotel Manage customer hotel bookings;

Tour Booking Management & Analysis

Manage Tour Quotations/Offers, Tour Bookings; Tracking Tour's attendees; Sales Analysis against multiple criteria (tour date; tour product, sales team, value, etc)

Passport Booking Service Management

Linking a passport to a customer; Attaching scanned passport; Filter passports by name, expiry date, partner/customers; manage passport booking orders; etc

VISA Booking Service Management

Linking visas to a customer's passport; managing visa's expiry; managing visa booking service orders; linking a visa record to its scanned version; etc


Boost your tour sales using innovation CRM flow (Lead -> Opportunity -> Quotation -> Tour Booking); Tour wise Leads capturing, Leads analysis, manage sales opportunities

Multilingual Support

Fully support for multiligual to target your international market segments

Manage cost per tour date

Fully integrated with Odoo's analytic accounting to help operators to manage and summarize cost per tour date

Quote Builder

Create polished, comprehensive, professional proposals in minutes and send to customers via email with one click.


Tightly integrated with Odoo's core business process management (e.g. Sales management, Purchase management, warehouse management, invoice & accounting, payment management, etc)

Customizable and Scalable

There is no one size that fits all. This module was made up with flexibility in mind to allow users to get it customized, extended and scaled easily.

Demo Login Information

Demo URL:


Username: ceo
Password: 123456

Sales Manager

Username: salesmanager
Password: 123456

Financial & Accounting Manager

Username: accountingmanager
Password: 123456

Warehouse Manager

Username: whmanager
Password: 123456

Human Resource Manager

Username: hrmanager
Password: 123456

Purchase & Procurement Manager

Username: purchasemanager
Password: 123456

Tour & Travel Manager

Username: tourmanager
Password: 123456

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