GNU/GPL v2 or later
Added On
 16 December 2014
1.1.0 (Last update on 07 February 2015)
Joomla Extensions

T-Ajax Category Tree Menu is a simple and powerful Joomla module that helps present content articles and content article categories in tree menu format that support AJAX load to adapt giant sites with milion articles and categories.

Product Highlights

Nested categories support. You can select a category as tree root, its subcategories and content articles will become branches of the tree.

Anchor tags in content as branches! When enabling, all anchor tags (without href attribute) found in an article will become branches of the article node.

Full Ajax support! When user clicks a tree node, the menu then query the database for the node's branches. No page reload

Flexible & Multiple options for tree node icons! You can choose either Font Awesome or Font IcoMoon or Images as node icons. You are also given an ability to set tree node icon color

Dynamic Floating support! When your content is so long that may makes the tree menu hiden without this dynamic floating function

Auto scroll bar support. For large site with complicated and large menu system, scroll bar will appear as soon as neccessary to give your users the ease of access to your content

Multi-lingual support! Currently shipped with English and Vietnamese support

And a lot of other interesting features...

Screen Shots

Frontend View

Tree menu screen shot

Basic Settings

Tree menu admin

Tree node Icons & Other settings

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