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Added On
 13 July 2015
1.3.0 (Last update on 13 July 2015)
Joomla Extensions
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T-Bootstrap Mega Menu for Joomla is yet another megamenu extension for Joomla that utilized from Bootstrap framework. It uses the standard navbar markup and the fluid grid system classes from Bootstrap.

User Warning!

The extension may NOT work as expected in case your Joomla-based website does not support either Bootstrap 2.x and Bootstrap 3.x.

Why choose T-Bootstrap Megamenu?

Joomla 3.x Compatibility

The extension was made in compliance with Joomla 3.x standards. You can use this extension on any Joomla 3.x based website, as long as your Joomla-based website DOES support either Bootstrap 2.x or Bootstrap 3.x


Being utilized from Bootstrap framework (both Bootstrap 2 and Bootstrap 3 are supported since v1.2.0), the extension comes mobile devices friendly. It supports all the major mobile devices, including Android phone, Windows phone 8, Blackberry, iPhone

Fast Loading & Less resource Consumption

The extension was made with smart coding not only to save your limited server resource but also to improve page speed.

Rich Features

The extension comes with lots of features while keeping as simple as possible. Some of the majors: multi-column support, sub-title for menu items support, additional CSS icon (for usage with icons in font format), etc

Major Features

  • Multi-column support
  • Flexible column widths which are configurable (either auto width or custom width for each and every columns)
  • Responsive
  • Cross-browser support
  • NO additional javascript
  • Less than 3KB additional CSS
  • Fast load and consume less server resources
  • Easy to customize
  • Switch between Bootstrap 2 and Bootstrap 3 right in the Bootstrap Mega menu Plugin
  • Ability to input CSS class for the top level div tag of the module. So, you can input something like navbar-inverse to make your mega menu inverted, navbar-fixed-top to make your menu fixed at top of the page.
  • Ability to add an image in the left side of the menu to make it as the site logo. Users can enable or disable this option to whether or not to use it.
  • Ability to enable the default link (home page URL) to the logo (if the logo is enabled). This URL is generated against the site languages.
  • Ability to align the menu on the left or right.
  • Built-in instruction text right inside the extension to help new users get familiar with the extension as soon as possible. Please hover your mouse over each and every settings to see the text.

Some Screenshots

Front-end view

Bootstrap Mega Menu for Joomla

Admin View




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