GNU/GPL v2 or later
Added On
 08 May 2014
1.0.0 (Last update on 04 May 2015)
Joomla Extensions

This plugin is to extend T-Download Store's capability to allow different emails to be sent to different users/user groups basing on pre-defined email templates. Each and every email template includes an ability to allow the site administrator to configure when it is sent, basing on trigger system. For example:

  • onCustomerPaymentMade is triggered when a payment is made
  • onInvoiceCreated is triggered when an invoice is created
  • onNormalSubscriptionCreated is triggered when a normal subscription is created
  • onPreorderSubscriptionCreated is triggered when a Pre-Order subscription is created
  • onRenewSubscriptionCreated is triggered when someone renew subscription


T-Download Store version 1.4+


  • Multiple Email Templates
  • Send mail on a predefined action (on invoice created, on subscription created, etc)
  • Multilingual support
  • Send to multiple users and/or groups

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