GNU/GPL v2 or later
Added On
 25 March 2014
1.0.0 (Last update on 25 March 2014)
Joomla Extensions

T-Download Store Products module is a native Joomla extension that presents products from T-Download Store on any position and pageon your T-Download Store powered website. The module can present the products in several ways such as Bootstrap Media Objects, Product Catalogs, Product List, etc. It also provide many options to help users to customize the look and feel of the module.

Major features of T-Download Store Products module

Multiple Layouts

Currently, the modules support four layouts, which are:

  1. Default: Products will be presented in a normal list layout
  2. Catalog: Product will be presented in catalog layout
  3. Mediaobject: Products will be presented in Bootstrap media object format. Check out Bootstrap documentation for more details.
  4. Tag: With this layout, ONLY product tags will be presented instead of other product information. This kind of layout may help you boost your SEO.

Multiple Catagories selection

You can decide to present products from all product categories or just from one or more categories which is your choice.

Limitation of products number to present

You can specify number of products you wish to display

Powerful Filter options

These options will help you filter products by product author, featured products, products ordering, etc

Look and Feel customizable

In addition to the layouts mentioned above, you can set a lot of other option to blend the module into your site's template. For example, show/hide product logo, show/hide product's date, show/hide product hits, align product logo (right, left, center), align product intro text (right, left, center), align product compatibility information, etc.

Bootstrap Carousel

The module also supports standard Bootstrap Carousel (when you enable the function) to help you present your product in a attractive slide show.

And many other notable features

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