T-Download Store allows multiple currencies to be managed and used. When you creating a new subscription plan, you can select a currency to be used. Subscribers who subscribe to the plan will have to pay in the currency specified in the plan. This is very useful when you sell your downloadable product to multiple customers in multiple countries.

Creating a new currency

  1. Login Administration area
  2. Navigating to menu Components -> T-Download Store
  3. Seeking for Currency Manager under left menu bar then click to open Currency Manager page
  4. Press button New to create a new currency

Now, you will see four fields as below:

  1. Title: This is the title of the currency (something like "United State Dollar", "Japanese Yen", etc)
  2. Currency Code: The code of the currency you are entering. The code must be in compliance with ISO 4217
  3. Symbol: The symbol of the currency (e.g. $)
  4. Line Color: This will be used for coloring chart lines

Like other smart models in T-Download Store, a currency is able to be created anywhere as needed. For example, when you creating a subscription plan and you found you want a currency that is not avalable yet, what would you do? Of course you don't need to close the plan edit view to go to currency view. Just to create a new currency right inside the plan page. This smart behavior saves your time. For better understanding, please watch a short demo video below:


If you have a question, please post it in our support forum.