Upon an event, you would want to say thanks to your customers who keep you alive, or you just want to promote your products to boost your sales. What would you do?

With the powerful built-in Coupon system of T-Download Store, you can create unlimited promotion campaigns to promote your products by giving some discount to your customers. A discount can be either in percentage base or in value base. For example, we have several products to be sold at several prices, e.g. $10, $20, $50. We can create two coupon codes, one is 50% discount, another is $5 discount. When a customer purchase the products above mentioned applying the first coupon code, the price will be deducted into $5, $10, $25. When another customer purchase the same products but she/he only know the second coupon code, the prices will be $5, $15, $45.

Addition to the above, you can also set start publishing date and finish publishing date for a coupon code. If the start publishing date is in the future, no one can use it ultil the date is current or past. When the finish publishing date is past, the coupon code also becomes invalid. This is very useful for you to plan when you promote a product, when else to promote others.

As stated in the T-Download Store product page, the product is fully multilingual support. So, the built-in coupon code system DOES support multi-language mode. You can define some coupon codes in English to target English speaking customers, other coupons code in French to target French speaking customer. Or, you can defind some with language setting as ALL to target any language speaking customers (don't care about what language they speak).

So, if the explaination above is still not enough to show you how flexible and powerfull the T-Download Store's coupon code system is, please watch a short video below:


If you have any question about using and applying coupon code system to your business, please feel free to let us know your query in our support forum.