This document describes how to create a multi-column menu for Joomla using T-Bootstrap Megamenu. In this document, we assume that you have downloaded the T-Bootstrap Megamenu extension and have installed it on a site of yours.

Before proceeding further, please ensure that you have enabled the Bootstrap Mega Menu Plugin which is delivered along with the T-Bootstrap Megamenu module

How it works


As described on the image above, when multi-colum mode is enable for a first-level menu item, each and every second-level menu items with children under the first-level menu item will be considered as a new column starter and displayed a a colum header. All the third-level menu items which are the children of a column header will reside inside the corresponding column.

Step by step creating a multi column menu

 Creating a multi-column menu with T-Bootstrap Mega Menu is very easy and straight-forward.

Step 1: enable multi-column mode

by editing an existing (or creating a new) first-level menu item with settings as below (We assume that you may want two columns and 200px/each:


Step 2: creating colums under the first-level menu item above:

Creating two menu items which are children of the first-level menu item above. These two menu items will become column headers as soon as each gets a child menu item (third-level one)

Creating third-level menu items which are children of the two second-level menu items above.

Now, you are almost done and can start playing with the parameters to tweak the extension to serve you best.