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As you progress in your sales cycle, and move from one stage to another, you can expect to have more precise information about a given opportunity giving you an better idea of the probability of closing it, this is important to see your expected turnover in your various reports.

Configure your kanban stages

By default, Odoo Kanban view has four stages: New, Qualified, Proposition, Won. Respectively with a 10, 30, 70 and 100% probability of success. You can add stages as well as edit them. By refining default probability of success for your business on stages, you can make your probable turnover more and more accurate.

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Every one of your opportunities will have the probability set by default but you can modify them manually of course.

Set your opportunity expected revenue & closing date

When you get information on a prospect, it is important to set an expected revenue and expected closing date. This will let you see your total expected revenue by stage as well as give a more accurate probable turnover.


See the overdue or closing soon opportunities

In your pipeline, you can filter opportunities by how soon they will be closing, letting you prioritize.


Là một quản lý bán hàng, công cụ này sẽ giúp bạn nhìn ra hướng tiềm năng để phát triển quá trình bán hàng của mình, ví dụ có rất nhiều cơ hội ở giai đoạn mới bắt đầu nhưng sắp tới hạn có thể chỉ ra được vấn đề của nó.

View your total expected revenue and probable turnover

While in your Kanban view you can see the expected revenue for each of your stages. This is based on each opportunity expected revenue that you set.


As a manager you can go to CRM --> Reporting --> Pipeline Analysis by default Probable Turnover is set as a measure. This report will take into account the revenue you set on each opportunity but also the probability they will close. This gives you a much better idea of your expected revenue allowing you to make plans and set targets.