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Pricelists can also be used to manage prices in foreign currencies.


To activate a new currency, go to :menuselection:`Accounting --> Configuration --> Currencies`, select it in the list and press Activate in the top-right corner. Now it will show up in currencies drop-down lists.

Prices in foreign currencies can be defined in two fashions.

Automatic conversion from public price

The public price is in your company's main currency (see :menuselection:`Accounting --> Settings`) and is set in product detail form.


The conversion rates can be found in :menuselection:`Accounting --> Configuration --> Currencies`. They can be updated from Yahoo or the European Central Bank at your convenience: manually, daily, weekly, etc. See :menuselection:`Accounting --> Settings`.

./media/currency_rate.png ./media/prices_conversion.png

Set your own prices

This is advised if you don't want your pricing to change along with currency rates.